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  • Over 10 years experience in front-end design and implementation.
  • Experienced as a UX/UI lead in developing customer-facing enterprise solutions from conception to delivery, within an Agile environment.
  • Extensive history designing user experiences for high-profile clients, such as Sky, AIB, Bank of Ireland, HSBC, Manchester United, FC Barcelona.
  • Proven communication skills with experience in technical writing and as the lead in UX composition.
  • 18 months experience managing own tech start-up.

UI Design

I have been designing intuitive user interfaces for over 10 years. I am experienced with responsive sites, enterprise applications and SaaS models.

UX & Wireframing

I have experience of wireframing and prototyping from concept to completion, complex enterprise products as Lead UI in large development teams.


I also implement my own designs using HTML, CSS , Bootstrap and JQuery, and worked with front and back-end developers on large scale solutions.


UI Design • UX Design • Interaction Design • Wireframing • Prototyping • Sitemapping • Storyboarding • Photoshop • Sketch • Agile Team Experience • Responsive Design • HTML • CSS • Bootstrap • JQuery • Technical Writing • Analytics • Email Marketing • WordPress • Communication Skills • Axure


  • SEPT 2015-Present

    Envoy (Founder/CTO)

    In 2015 I started an online parcel delivery company, Envoy, together with two ex-colleagues. In May 2016 we sent our first deliveries, using a bespoke website designed by me and built alongside our backend developer. The site was tested in a scripted UX test environment using friends/family as subjects. The experience gained over the last 18 months has been varied and challenging. Since we began trading, I have undertaken almost sole responsibility of the following roles within the company:

    - Website UI/UX Design and Maintenance
    - Email, Facebook and Social Media Marketing
    - Analytics (Google, Woopra) and AdWords
    - Invoicing and Bookkeeping
    - Customer Support

    The Envoy project is now wound down and I am looking to return to the market with the benefit of my experiences.

  • June 2007 - Sept 2015

    Level 3 Communications (Lead UX/UI Designer)

    Level 3 purchased my previous company in 2007, and I continued in my role as a UX/UX Designer.

    Working with product owners, stakeholders and agile project managers, I was responsible for the designing and building of large scale projects. Working from User Stories, my role was to imagine the user journey, starting with wireframes and moving to prototypes, adhering to lean UX principles. Following approval of designs from the globally-based team, and internal UX testing, I would build the front-facing UI and provide all graphical assets, and work with the team of front and back-end developers to bring the elements together in sprints.

    Projects such as:

    Content Cloud Exchange: A bespoke solution allowing companies such as Fox and MGM to manage large content files, and share them globally with their partners. I designed and built the entire user journey, from sitemap and wireframe to browser and wrote the 50 page technical user guide to accompany it upon launch.

    Customers of CCE included Fox TV, Dreamworks Studios and MGM Studios.

    Vyzn: The company's main tool, an intranet site allowing the scheduling and routing of video feeds across the company network. Working with product managers, I initially implemented a redesign of the entire UI and then moved forward with development of new pages and features.

    Media Players: I was responsible for all of the customer-facing media portals, bringing live and on-demand streaming video to global audiences via a web interface. I designed and implemented portals for many live events including the Ryder Cup, and President Obama’s Inauguration, with audience figures in the 100,000’s.

  • MAY 2000 - JUNE 2007

    Servecast (Product Design Lead)

    Servecast was a funded startup pioneering Streaming Media in Ireland. Present from the early days, I was heavily involved with early streaming media technology, and always responsible for any customer-facing web content. The initial focus was on Enterprise presentations and live and on demand sport.

    I created portals for dozens of global companies, and sports franchises. I built the first streaming video portals for clubs such as Manchester United, FC Barcelona, Liverpool, Everton as well as Sky Sports, showcasing events like The Masters, and with Eircom providing their Setanta Sports portal. I worked on a daily basis with corporations such as Vodafone, AIB, Bank of Ireland, HSBC, Nasdaq, Benetton and many others to bring live financial results via web portal to thousands of viewers.

    I also designed from concept, and built with our development team, a B2B solution called “Enterprise Media Studio”, which allowed business to create and stream their own live and on demand presentations. This solution was adopted by many blue chip companies such as Vodafone and BOI to allow them control their own media.

  • 2000 - 2005

    Zebra Solutions

    Zebra Solutions was the name I worked under for various 'extra curricular' projects over the years. During this period I produced websites for various business including:

    - Irish Property Unit Trust
    - Froberry Frozen Yogurt
    - Northwood Park Developments
    - Lagoon Beach Apartments

  • 1995 - 1999

    BDO Simpson Xavier

    In a previous existence, I worked as a Tax Consultant in one of Ireland's biggest accountancy practices. After 4 years of personal tax planning, I was saved by the emergence of the Internet.


I have been building user interfaces since Y2K was a thing. Most have been lost in the mists of time, thankfully in the case of pages containing animated gifs. Below are some recent examples of the work I have been involved in, as always using the most up to date standards and tools. I've included App Design, An Enterprise Solution (including basic prototype), and consumer-facing ecommerce web work.

Note #1

I am unable to link direct to much of my work of recent years for serveral reasons. As I have been running my own company for 18 months I no longer have access to previous bodies of work. Many pages/sites are accessible via intranet only, or via live customer login.

Note #2

Looking back, designs even only a few years old, can look dated. Design evolves quicker than we have time to revisit old works of art. Simple interactive elements like dropdowns and buttons can date an interface very quickly. Those are easliy changed. The important thing is that the user experience is sound, as everything else is subject to the vagaries of fashion. Interactive elements can be updated with a change to the CSS, bad design cannot.


App Design/Prototyping

Level 3 Communications

Cloud Content Exchange


Parcel Delivery Startup

Level 3 Communications

Technical Writing

Level 3 Communications

Live Scheduling Tool

Level 3 Communications

Vyzn Routing

About Me

I also have a life outside of the Internet. Below are some of the interests that challenge for my time.
  •   I maintain an old Porsche.
  •   I watch a lot of movies.
  •   I read books (mostly SF).
  •   I play football.
  •   I cycle up mountains.
  •   I have been in Game of Thrones.

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