Value Management Incentive Program Innovations In Delivering Value 2001

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After over 15 years of designing digital products within every industry, labels start to blur. I loosely call myself a UX Designer as the user experience is, and has always been the single most important consideration in the design process.

Whatever you want to call yourself, product design is always about the user.

  • Over 15 years experience in digital product design and implementation.
  • Diverse industry experience; including sports, entertainment, enterprise, telecommunications and financial compliance.
  • Extensive history designing user experiences for high-profile clients, such as Sky, AIB, Bank of Ireland, HSBC, Manchester United, FC Barcelona.
  • At home in lead design roles, from conception to delivery, within Agile environments.
  • Background of coding in development environments.
  • 2+ years experience managing own tech start-up.

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